Barriss Offee make-up and accessories


For Barriss’s tattoos I have printed out and cut out the pattern I found here (and which proportionally fits well to my face). I cut it out from a foil, which is thick enough to hold the shape, but can be bent enough to copy the shape of my nose so it is easier to draw the pattern. To paint the tattoos I use eyeliner pencil. For make-up I use yellowish/beige face colour (most often the brand of Guirca) combined/mixed with really pale make-up. To finish the look I use black lipstick, black nail polish and blue contact lenses (brand ColourVUE – BigEyes cool blue nebo Glamour blue).
Other stuff on the picture is cream I use as the basis and the corrector stick to cover the acne or bigger flaws on my skin.

The belt and buckle

I bought the plain brown belt in army shop. Its and ordinary Czech army belt with green plain metal buckle. On this buckle my father glued on pieces of differently coloured leather to make the shape as similar to the original Barriss’s buckle as possible.

Boots and lightsaber

I use equestrian style black boots which I bought on eBay. They are not available anymore, but they were sold as ordinary fashionable high boots for ladies. My saber is custom-made by Nocturne Armory. It cost me a lot, but it is very accurate replica of Barriss saber hilt as seen in films, the blade can be removed and it is the one which I can fight with, the saber has sounds and blue colour. So it really was worth it.

Pouch and covertec

For practical reasons I wear two other belt accessories which are not seen in films or elsewhere: covertec and pouch. When I feel like taking only the saber hilt, I use the covertec to hang it on my belt. When I’m holding the saber in my hands I just slid the covertec to my back, where it is hidden by the cloak. The same with pouch – I have it on my belt at the back, where it is hidden. This way I have some practical place where to put some money, spare batteries for saber, lipstick to correct the make-up etc. and I don’t spoil the accurateness of the costume.