Jedi Knight (Star Wars: Episode I)

sw_cutout_obi-wanMade in: Spring 2002
Costume by: LYA + Bossi
Belt by: František Macek
Lightsaber: Master Replicas FX – Mace Windu
Debut: Eurocon 2002

My very first Star Wars costume which started my cosplaying days (and obsession). Made in 2002 and worn since then. The costume of my Star Wars alter ego (and mine and my best friend’s fictional character). I have both trousers and skirt to wear with the tunic.The only changes I had to make since its creation were in 2009, when I improved my belt in order to make the costume acceptable as formal in Rebel Legion, and in 2012 I was forced to buy new boots (as the original ones started to have cracks in them). I’m really surprised it still fits me and I still wear it from time to time with great sentiment.