Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Anniversary)

4b91584b-ca06-4664-9c8e-e2c43c1826cdMade in: February 2016
Costume by:
Buckle by:
Guns: UHC HW M1911 A1 Stainless

One of few games I played when I was at elementary and high school, were games from Tomb Raider series. What is more important – most of them I managed to finish (which does not happen very often 😉 ). I have them all, inlcuding new ones. So it is obvious I imagined, more than once, what it would be like to be Lara Croft. Well, costume was only a matter of time. One evening in February 2016 I got bored and wanted to make something quickly from left over materials I already had at home. So basic version of Lara costume was made. Because the original original character is quite disproportional and costume is unrealistically simple, I made the costume from Tomb Raider Anniversary. Iconic, yet quite realistic.

Photo and edit: Filip Blažek