Barriss Offee dress

From practical reasons, I decided to go for dress consisting of two parts from different materials, the upper part and skirt, sewn together. I didn’t want the shirt to slide up  The construction of this dress can be seen in the following photo.

For the upper part of the dress I used some pattern for dress we (me and my mum LYA) found in old Burda magazines. The other option I considered was to use some old close fitting long sleeved shirt and create pattern based on it. However, this option would most likely need more stretchy fabric. The dress pattern (with zipper on the back) was thus more suitable for me, as the fabric I used was stretchy only a little. To highlight the difference between stripes of the chest panel and the rest of the upper part of dress, I slightly shifted the fabric so the stripes of panel would not be in line with stripes of the sides.

The bottom part, skirt, is from fabric which drapes nicely. I didn’t use any pattern. For the upper part of skirt I only copied the shape of the skirt I already had (the close fitting tube like skirt with the zipper at the back I use with my Jedi costume) and the bottom part consists of two large half-circles. The waist seam is covered by the belt.