Dark Barriss – Accessories


Because its costume from animated series, I decided to make the pattern by painting it on the leather.

First I measured up my forearm and created the pattern. I transferred it onto the leather and cut it out. As fastening, I decided to use snaps. I measuered where I want them and attached them to the leather.

Then I made patterns to draw regular “V” signs onto the leather. I used beige leather colour of Terno brand. As it was lighter color and darker leather, I used several coats.

Only thing missing was compad. Its just few pieces of ABS we have left, 0,5 cm thick, which I dremmeled into oval shape and glued onto each other – one oval shaped and three circles. Its then spayed on by metalic silver colour. The compad is glued onto the leather by glue called chemoprén.


In The Clone Wars the buckle is simplified. I decided for painting – the same as for bracer. I just painted the picture, based on the reference, on the piece of leather.

As the basis for the buckle I used my favourite buckle used by Czech Army. I used the same one for my film Barriss, so I can just switch the buckles and use the same belt (see how fastening looks on picture belows to understand). I used the same leather as for bracers. I just glued the painted piece onto the buckle.

Head cover and the wig

Originally, for my film version, I used only head band made from elastic fabric. Under the hood I had just my hair in the bun and this head band.

For this Barriss I had to get the wig. I chose some black pointy anime style wig. I didn’t really bother myself with its bangs and with its overall shape. The only thing which mattered to me was to have it spiky at the back.

As soon as the wig arrived, I could make a head cover. I took the same elastic fabric I used for top of Barriss’s dress. I cut out a rectangle and sew it together.

I put on the wig and put on the fabric. One end I had around the neck (later I went on and made it tighter) and one end I had around my face. One part being stratched over my head and one part gathered under my chin and around my neck. I marked the place on the back of my head, where I wanted my hear to be visible.

I cut out the hole according to my marks. I started with a bit smaller hole and widened it until I was satisfied. I hemmed it all and that was it.

Since then I wear this wig and this head cover even with my film version of Barriss. Fans are always so surprised and they so appreciate when my cape accidently fells down and they see I have the hair and head cover as Barriss in The Clone Wars. 😉

Lightsabers and make-up

For tatoos I use the same stencil as for my film version Barriss. I just leave out some of the diamonds as the tatoos are again simplified in The Clone Wars.

I also use the same make-up as for my film version, I just add more yellow color.

I use Hasbro FX Collectibles Asajj Ventress lightsabers.